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To receive news and announcements from Kentucky Review, please join our mail list. Please note that if you have submitted work to KR in the past, you are already subscribed to the list unless you opted out on our submission form. However, you can unsubscribe at any time or update your profile (change your email address, for example) via Mailchimp, our online mail manager. To manage your subscription, please choose one of the following options:

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Kentucky Review, founded 2014, is based in Lexington, Kentucky. In our first year the Review published poetry only but in 2015 began publishing flash fiction as well. We do not offer subscriptions to our readers. We publish online but also in a yearly print edition that may be purchased here or through retail sources such as Amazon. Our first print issue appeared in January 2015 and contained the poems we posted online in 2014.

We cannot pay contributors at this time. However, we offer a very deep discount on the printed edition to our authors. For guidelines, click on the Submit option above.

To stay abreast of news, announcements, and opportunities from KR, please join our mailing list.

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Kentucky Review

ISSN 2376-9920 (print)

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is a division of




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Kentucky Review features videos of contributors reading their works published in one or more of our issues. Our videos are stored on YouTube and are also embedded on the appropriate web pages of Kentucky Review. If you wish to see at a glance the complete list of videos we have published, please visit our YouTube site (see link below). Each video there has a link back to the KR website so that you can read along.

Contributors are invited to submit videos per our guidelines (click here).

For the Kentucky Review YouTube Channel, click here

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2014 Print and Kindle Editions

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Editor-in-Chief: Robert S. King
Associate Editors for the 2014 issue:
Joan Colby, Mike James, Helen Losse

Kentucky Review 2014

Paperback | Kindle
A Good Works Project

This 222-page print anthology comprises all work published online by Kentucky Review (a division of FutureCycle Press) in 2014. As one of the press’s Good Works projects, proceeds from sales are donated to charity. The issue is available in print and in Kindle format. To order, click on the "Paperback" or "Kindle" link above.

Featured: Jeffrey Alfier, Shawn Aveningo, Mary Jo Balistreri, Ruth Bavetta, Brian Beatty, Sandy Benitez, Nancy Bevilaqua, Byron Beynon, George Bishop, CL Bledsoe, Rose Mary Boehm, Ace Boggess, Jesse Breite, Richard Brobst, Jeff Burt, Jefferson Carter, R.T. Castleberry, Alan Catlin, Chelsea Cefalu, Sherry Chandler, David Chorlton, Sara Clancy, Chloe N. Clark, Joan Colby, C. Cleo Creech, Jim Davis, Michael Diebert, donnarkevic, William Doreski, Robert Eastwood, Richard Fein, William Ford, Joshua Gage, Bill Glose, James Grabill, M. Krockmalnik Grabois, Lori Gravley, William Greenway, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Sarah Hina, Katherine Hoerth, Karen Paul Holmes, Paul Hostovsky, A. J. Huffman, Henry Hughes, Joseph Hutchison, M. J. Iuppa, Mike James, Carole Johnston, Laura M Kaminski, Collin Kelley, Clyde Kessler, Philip Kobylarz, Jennifer Lagier, Marie Lecrivain, Helen Losse, Bruce McCandless, Jennifer A. McGowan, Bruce McRae, Jacqueline Markowski, Todd Mercer, Scott Minar, Anderson O’Brien, Anne Britting Oleson, Shawnte Orion, James Owens, Scott Owens, William Page, Jimmy Pappas, Lee Passarella, Tim Peeler, Frederick Pollack, Connie Post, Stephen Roger Powers, Ken Poyner, David Radavich, JC Reilly, Jonathan K. Rice, P. R. Rice, Mary Ricketson, Katherine Riegel, Ron Riekki, Peg Robarchek, Susan Rooke, Don Schofield, Judith Skillman, Eric Steineger, Tim Suermondt, Victoria Sullivan, Alice Teeter, Alarie Tennille, Aden Thomas, Allison Thorpe, Jill White, Dana Wildsmith, John Sibley Williams, Martin Willitts, Jr., Jeffrey Zable

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2015 Flash Fiction

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The left column below contains the most recent work posted here. The rightmost column contains all flash fiction published thus far in 2015.


Most Recently Published

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2015 Poetry

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The left column below contains the most recent work posted here. The rightmost column contains all poets published thus far in 2015.


Most Recently Published

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To view available issues of Kentucky Review, please select from one of the drop-down items shown under the Issues navigation row above.



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2015 Contents

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Kentucky Review 2015 is an ongoing publication throughout the year. Work published online during 2015 will be included in our annual print edition (January 2016). We welcome submissions. Please see our guidelines.

Please click the link for 2015 poetry or flash fiction from the navigation menu above (under issues and Kentucky Review 2015) or from the following links.

2015 Flash Fiction2015 Poetry

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